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November 2018 Newsletter

Read the November 2018 Newsletter The Newsletter contains information regarding upcoming events at our Church, Birthdays and Anniversaries, as well as an inspirational message from our Pastor. The Newsletter should open, (check to see if a new tab appears to the right of your current one) but if the Newsletter does not open when you…
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Chuck Explains the meaning of the Advent Wreath

Four candles in a circle with a big one in the middle? Yep, take a moment and learn the basics about the advent wreath. Chuck introduces you to what those candles symbolize. You'll smile and learn with Chuck on his fifth show.

November Events

Join us for our November Events Harvest Dinner - November 7 Movie Night - November 10 Crafting & Scrapbooking -  November 13 & 14  Soup & Pie Supper - November 21 Story Hour  - November 5 & 9 Check out the Events Calendar for Event Details or Contact the Church Office (810-638-5702) for more information…
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